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Encountering the ‘other’

One of the themes that is reoccurring in the Quran is the theme of encountering the ‘other’ meeting the ‘other’, someone who is different from you. I do not know how many times we’ve read it in the Quran and how many times we’ve reflected on it. Here is a meeting of two strangers and this encounter with the stranger really determines how we live with the other. This might not be very important for a person living in the remote villages, say of Azad Kashmir. You know, where you’ll rarely come across anyone other than from your own family or from your community. But the situation is very different for us living here in the United Kingdom, where day in and day out, as soon as we walk out of our homes we encounter the ‘other’. To read more click here

Updated: July 22, 2016 — 4:27 PM
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