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New Quran School Curriculum and Teacher Training

New Quran School Curriculum and Teacher Training

There are over 750,000 Muslim children attending Masajids or Madrassahs in the UK.  Most of them do not achieve the best from their time, due to the unsuitability of the curriculum being taught, or the teachers not being qualified to teach them. Some children leave the Masajid or Madrassah after having read the Quran once, thinking they have attained the highest level of Islamic Education.

This has gone on for over two generations, and too many youngsters have been led astray by the trappings of the dunya.  We need to address this issue and as we have lived in the UK long enough to know how a good educational infrastructure is set up, and how good management is achieved and maintained.  Why do we not want this development for our Masajids and Madrassahs?  We can hear and see parents crying out for it, but why are we not delivering? What are the reasons for inaction? Where there are educated people looking after the Masajid/Madrassahs, positive change is being brought about.

What are we offering

Alhamdulillah, we have two decades of experience in education and teaching in this country.  We have a very successful programme that has been used for the past four years. Many Masajids have approached us to help them develop their Madrassahs.  We would like a commitment from any Masjid who would like us to help train their staff in writing.

Our mission

To provide children with the best resources, teachers and an environment where they can learn to read the Glorious Quran, and learn the Fardh Ain in Islam. We want to inspire children so they will learn their religion enthusiastically and fall in love with Islam.

For a full Madrassah set up or restructure we offer:

To train the Madrassah Head Teacher / Coordinator

Advice on hiring staff

Provide admission documents and training on managing a flexible database

Policies and procedures to maintain smooth running of the Madrassah

Educational Resources

Colourful Qaidas, and three elementary textbooks

For Quran readers: four textbooks and workbooks from the ‘Let’s Learn Islam’ series

Ready-made speeches for children to prepare in assemblies

‘Let’s Learn Tajweed’ textbook

Teacher training

Advice on arranging the classes into manageable groups

Training for Qaida teachers

Training for Quran teachers

Regular training for continued professional development

‘Theme of the Week’ textbook and forty posters on spiritual, moral and social development

Monitoring and recording progress

Provide documents for recording and reporting pupils’ progress

We will train the staff and visit them to assess ongoing development

We will help in arranging the classes into manageable groups

We provide the entirety of the management documents and policies in electronic format

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