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Why We Must Condemn the Attacker

In the name of Allah, the Kind, the Caring

The Terrorist Attack on Manchester Arena: Why We Must Condemn the Attack

By Dr. Musharraf Hussain

It was heart-breaking to watch the killing of an eight-year-old child, and twenty-one other innocent victims in the Manchester arena on Monday 22nd of May. It was an evil act, and extremely disturbing for everyone. The terrorists are not simply making governments jittery and the people fearful, but also creating mistrust among Muslims and their fellow non-Muslim citizens. The terrorists are at odds with the bulk of Muslims.

The terrorists committing atrocities in the name of Islam project a negative image of the God of Islam, who is Salam, the very source of peace and comfort. They distort the beautiful loving and caring image of the Prophet ﷺ of Islam, who is described as kindness for humanity – the most caring of all human beings. We must not allow these criminals to use religious symbolism to justify their crimes.  By appropriating Islamic symbolism, the lone attacker attempts to associate all Muslims with criminality. That is why we must denounce him and say, “Not in our name”.

The heinous act of Salman Abedi was wicked, unjust and contrary to the spirit of the religion of peace and prosperity. The religion of Islam stands for justice, respect for all human beings, and peace and harmony in the world.

The general principles of Islamic teaching are incompatible with such killing and violence. For example, God says: “Whoever kills another person unjustly or spreads terror, it is as though he has killed all of humanity” (5:32). This is tantamount to waging a war against Allah, the messenger, the Muslims and all of humanity.

The stability and security of any country depends on its unity and community cohesion. The terrorist tries to destroy this harmony and peace. In the words of the Quran, the terrorist commits a war against God and his Messenger ﷺ: “They are fighting Allah and his Messenger as they run around creating instability and conflict” (Maeda:33).

The Messenger ﷺ said, “the passing away of the material world is much less serious in the sight of God than the killing of single human being” (Al-Bayhaqi).

The internal logic of the Quran and Sunnah to which every Muslim is committed clearly condemns murder and violence. This evidence is robust, undeniable and clear. There is no justification in Islamic texts for the terror and violence that these criminals are spreading.

Updated: May 30, 2017 — 3:37 PM
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