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Launch of The Quran School Course website!

By the grace of Allah, we are please to announce the launch of our newly developed Quran School website! With the Quran School Course website you can now view and purchase our Let’s Learn Islam curriculum which is taught across all of our Quran Schools. We believe the key success of any Quran school is experienced […]

Trust Building Forum

Are you interested in becoming a Trust Building Ambassador?    A Lecture by Professor Akbar Ahmed: Tuesday 24th May 2016 at the University of Nottingham                                                             […]

Quran Translation

http://thequran.org.uk/   My objectives and methodology I have under taken this translation because I owe so much to the Quran; it has given me meaning and purpose in life. I feel indebted; this translation is labour of love. Perhaps you also feel the same. I believe that my translation will offer fresh insights and understanding […]

Islamic Morality: Teaching to balance the record

In collaboration with Nottingham University ISOC we are proud to announce a lecture delivered by Prof. Terry Lovat. Prof. Terry Lovat has spent the past 20 years researching and studying Islam. Establishing the differences and similarities between the Australian and Islamic cultures are at the core of his work. Nothing frustrates professor Terry Lovat more […]

Coast 2 Coast Challenge

Karimia Institute challenges you to cycle with us on this epic journey. You have the opportunity to cycle 140 miles to help raise funds to print and distribute 1 million copies worldwide of this plain English Quran Translation. A Quran translation like you have never seen before. This will benefit the current and future generations. Download the […]

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