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Month: October 2013

Learning to Forgive

Human beings are social creatures, living together as families in neighbourhoods, communities and towns. The infrastructure of cities, roads, transport, institutions and facilities for leisure and recreation all are a testimony of hard work and a long torturous history. This economic prosperity is a result of many compromises where individuals and groups have willingly and […]

Quran School Curriculum

Let’s Learn ISLAM New curriculum and teaching resources for Mosque Quran Schools to meet the needs of teachers and children. A wonderful source of traditional knowledge and understanding of Islam, presented in a colourful and child centred way. These resources promote the use of multiple intelligences to accelerate children’s learning.

Karimia Youth Society Study Circle

Karimia Youth Society invites you to the Study Circle A friendly atmosphere to learn, ask questions and discuss issues Begins Saturday 19th October 2013 2-3pm No registration and no fee Venue: Bobbersmill Community Centre, 512 Berridge Road West, Bobbersmill, NG7 5JU Email Brother Mobeen for more info at mobeen@karimia.com

Eid Mubarak

Eid ul Adha will be celebrated on Wednesday, 16 October 2013. The Eid prayer will be held at Bobbersmill community centre, 512 Berridge road West, NG7 5JU. The first prayer will be at 9:15am, the second prayer will be at 10:15am. Please arrive at least 30 mins before the prayer times and recite Takbir.

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