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The Qurʾān between Judaism and Christianity

What can the Qurʾān, the Holy Scripture of Islam, teach us about Judaism and Christianity? How does knowledge about Judaism and Christianity help us to understand the Qurʾān better? A better understanding of the past may in turn help us to reconsider the present in a more nuanced way, and to formulate answers to the […]

Encountering the ‘other’

One of the themes that is reoccurring in the Quran is the theme of encountering the ‘other’ meeting the ‘other’, someone who is different from you. I do not know how many times we’ve read it in the Quran and how many times we’ve reflected on it. Here is a meeting of two strangers and […]

Sadaqat-ul Fitr

Donations at the end of Ramadan Dr Musharraf Hussain al-Azhari chief Imam Karimia Institute Pay your Fitrana to Karimia Institute to support Islamic learning Generosity is a fundamental characteristic of a Muslim, he spends on the needy and poor to earn his Lord’s Grace and Pleasure all the time, however you are this is multiplied […]

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