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One Britain One Nation

Some of Britain’s most eminent Muslim scholars gathered in Birmingham, on Thursday May 19, to show the British Muslim community’s unswerving support for a campaign created by Britain’s most dynamic integration organisation, One Britain One Nation (OBON).

Self Examination in Ramadan

Here are seven valuable tips that can help you to avoid common mistakes made during this blessed month: 1. Taking Ramadan as a mere ritual: By simply observing the outward rulings of fasting and practices of Ramadan without paying attention to their meaning and purpose will turn it into a mere ritual. An outward show […]

Moon sighting in UK: Problems and Prospects

“They ask you concerning the crescent moons, say they are measurements of time for people and for the pilgrimage” (2:189). There is underlying wisdom in the Shariah’s use of the lunar calendar. By observing the moon even the simple nomads living in the desert can easily know the date. Also the use of the lunar calendar […]

Basic Beliefs of Islam

Dr Musharraf Hussain introduces the basic beliefs of Islam and explores the belief (iman) with Dr Jon Hoover. This is the first in a series of videos examining Muslim belief in God, Angels, Books, Prophets, the Last Day and Predestination, particularly from a Sunni perspective, taking the creed of al-Nasafi and the Ash’ari and Maturidi […]

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