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Quran School Curriculum

The key to success of any Quran school is experienced and dedicated teachers and managers. We provide our teachers training and support to deliver the best so children can learn in a caring environment. Along with our books and curriculum, there is a strong focus on tutors to use a teacher’s handbook that encourages tutors […]

Prayer for a Happy New Year!

Our sincere thanks to you for all that you have done over this last year to enrich the lives of the children and families in your care, and to further the valuable work of Karimia Institute. At Karimia we are all working for the pleasure of Allah and presenting it as a culture of worshipping […]

Tribute to Syed Ajaz Hussain Shah Sahib

I am very sad to announce the passing away of a dear friend, supporter and a true man of God. Syed Ajaz Hussain Shah Sahib was an absolutely wonderful person, always the first to participate in fundraising, giving and distributing food. It was here at the BMCC, where Syed Ajaz Hussain Shah Sahib devoted most of […]

Plain English Quran Translation – Coming Out Soon

The Majestic Quran is a new translation from the original Arabic by Scholar, Imam, Author, and Scientist Dr Musharraf Hussain. Thoroughly reviewed by several senior scholars, and approved by the University of Al Azhar, Cairo. The Majestic Quran combines the beauty of Allah’s Word with the rhythm and liveliness of conversational plain English. We are […]

Ramadan Mubarak

On Friday 26th May 2017 (29th Shaban 1438) the Hilal of Ramadan 1438 was not sighted in the UK, but it was sighted in Morocco.  Therefore, the month of Shaban 1438 AH will have 29-days and the month of Ramadan 1438 AH will start from Saturday 27th May 2017 (1st Tarawih from the night of […]

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