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Trust Building Forum

Promoting mutual trust between British Muslims and the wider community

Our vision:

We believe in a United Kingdom where people are willing to get together and understand each other, and help in securing their communities against divisive fear and uncertainty. In a multi-faith and multi-ethnic Britain all religions and people of different ways of life live together as good neighbours.


To build trust through:

  • Raising awareness and busting myths on Islam.
  • Creating opportunities for interaction and dialogue.
  • Train a network of ambassadors from various ethnic and religious backgrounds with the skills to promote mutual understanding and build relationships.
  • Have ambassadors engage and visit various audiences to deliver presentations geared towards myth busting.


Presenting a realistic and accurate message of peace and harmony to encourage each other to value commonalities rather than focus on differences.

Sharing the ordinary lives of British Muslims as an essential part of the fabric of British society: working as teachers, taxi drivers, doctors, soldiers, students, being good neighbours, and contributing to the economy of Britain.

Listening to the concerns of our audience and creating a safe forum for them to ask difficult questions.

The basic concepts underpinning the trust building project:

We believe that trust is a fundamental value which acts like glue in bringing diverse communities together. The trust building project was launched to promote trust among British Muslims and wider society through the shared British values of mutual respect, individual liberty, and care and love for neighbours.


Train people who play an active role in preventing tension, mistrust and fear of ‘the other’; these will be our trust building ambassadors.
Educate others about the theology of diversity and pluralism, and how important it to care for our neighbours and fellow citizens. We accept the fact that there are extremists in all communities. They require education. We shall highlight the concept of “the middle nation”, a Qur’anic term describing moderation, far away from extremism.
Build rapport between Muslims and the media and public sector. We aim to provide an atmosphere of peace and understanding for all people, regardless of race and cultural tradition.
Provide an environment where people can meet and discuss their grievances and inequalities that drive conflict.
Encourage people of influence in the public sector and civic society to promote mutual understanding of each other.
Be able to monitor and respond to unforeseen national or global crises in community relationships.
We believe that we can bring about changes in the actions and attitudes of our communities, civil society actors, individuals and institutions that hold power by working in collaboration with them.

Our partners:

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Are you interested in becoming a Trust Building Ambassador?

For more details contact: Robina Din | robina@karimia.com | 07541 927232

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