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Nurturing the leaders of the future through social, spiritual and moral development.

The Karimia Youth Society (KYS) has been set up to address the needs of the younger community, to enable them to face the challenges of the future and to give them a voice to raise issues. It will consist of religious, social and physical activities to strengthen the individuals and the community. These will be in the form of weekly study circles and a youth club/ sports session. We will also have special events such as go-karting, paintballing and camping. It will be aimed at 13-25 year old brothers and sisters that go to Karimia Masjid, Bobbersmill Community Centre and Muslim Cultural Centre Wollaton.

The reason that we are making the KYS is to use a completely different structure to greatly improve the youth services that are being provided to the local community. It is about helping and getting involved with the community. Finally it is about unity and working together to strengthen the young people for the problems that we will face in the future. The KYS will inshallah be a leading light for others to follow.

We need more volunteers to come forward and join the committee, to start running activities. If you have any question, you want more info or you would like to help, please email mobeen@karimia.com

The Committee

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