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At the heart of the Karimia Institute is the desire to invite people to Allah. As well as two fantastic Masjids, the Institute has expanded vastly into a variety of new Dawah projects which aim to help people to develop their love and devotion for Allah.

Radio Dawn 107.6 FM

Radio Dawn has been running since March 2006 and broadcasts 24/7 in English, Urdu, Arabic, Bengali, Somali and Pashtu.

Broadcasts range from interviews, lectures by renowned scholars, public service announcements, a calendar of events, call-in shows, Quran recitation, live public events, current affairs, live adhan and nasheeds.

A team of dedicated volunteers and station manager work together to make the radio successful. The station has around 15,000 listeners in Nottingham and the surrounding areas and is also available nationally/ internationally via the website. Local businesses provide financial support by advertisements.

For further details visit: www.radiodawn.com

The Invitation

The Invitation Magazine is a useful resource for Islamic education, Dawah and social issues. Established in 1988 it is a bimonthly Muslim family magazine that reaches 25,000 readers.

A high quality resource for personal and community development as well as spiritual growth, the Invitation magazine is a platform for writers to express their views with articles such as Rays of the Qur’an, Lessons from Hadith, Da’wah Notes, Questions and Answers, Community Workshop, Worship Focus, The Islamic Consumer, Kidszone, Interviews, and much more.

The magazine is available in various mosques, Islamic stores and an annual subscription is also available and the magazine can be downloaded from the website.

For further details visit: www.invitation-magazine.com

Weekly Study Circle

A weekly study circle takes place at both Karimia Masjid and Ash Shifa Masjid. These study circles are essential for learning and developing individual’s religious knowledge. It is a fantastic opportunity for people to come and listen to the recitation of the Quran and Hadith and to understand them. It’s also an opportunity to meet others and learn from others.

Radio Azaan

For seven days a week and all round the year the Nottingham Muslim community can listen to the five daily Azans and lectures in their homes via our special receiver. As with radio Dawn, this is fantastic medium to deliver the message of Islam into people’s home. Functions at the Masjid are transmitted live.

Conferences and public lectures

The Karimia Institute hosts a variety of conferences and lectures throughout the year. Lectures around key Islamic issues are held monthly with themes including the celebration of events in the Islamic calendar and current issues facing the Ummah worldwide. Various conferences  are also organised to engage both the Muslim community and the wider community in understanding and learning about various issues such as social issues, personal issues, and religious issues.


The Karimia Institute has published a range of books on traditional Islamic teachings and contemporary subjects. These books are essential guides for Muslims to learn about their deen and to develop their intelligence.

Our books are available to buy from the Bobbersmill Community Centre, various book shops around the UK or online from our bookstore.

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