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One of the key aspects of the Karimia Institute is individuals learning, we have a variety of activities that run throughout the year at our three sites which help individuals learn and develop themselves.

Hifz Classes

Hifz classes for those children whom wish to memorise the Quran are held at both Karimia Masjid and Ash Shifa Masjid. The best children are selected from our Qur’anic classes and are encouraged to do hifz. So far 10 children have completed memorisation of the complete Quran.

Qur’anic Classes

To read the Glorious Quran and learn the basics of Islam in order to encourage Muslim children to learn the Glorious Quran, small classes are organised for a duration of 1 ½ hours where children are taught the reading of Arabic and Islamic morals and manners as well as basic theology and fiqh. As well as learning to read the Quran, children are further taught short surahs with translation, duas, tajweed, rights of parents and neighbours.

Zaytuna Nursery

The Zaytuna Nursery was established in 2002 and is an Ofsted registered nursery for 2-5 year olds. Starting with a small number of children, the nursery has expanded vastly and now has around 80 children attending in two sessions daily throughout the week.

Fig Tree Nursery

>> www.figtreeprimary.co.uk

The Fig Tree nursery was established in 2007 and is based at the Nottingham Islamia School. It is also an Ofsted registered nursery for children aged 2-5 years old. The nursery has places for 50 children and runs two sessions daily throughout the week.

Aims and objectives For Both Nurseries

Both nurseries’ aim to deliver the foundation stage of the National Curriculum as well as providing the first steps towards Islamic education. This is achieved through the following key objectives:

1. Social development: encouraging children to interact and share with others.

2. Creative development: encouraging children to explore and share their thoughts ideas and feelings.

3. Physical development: by helping children to understand how their bodies work and what they need to do to be healthy and safe.

Nursery Environments

A key aspect of the nursery is the environment in which children learn, we have developed a warm caring Islamic environment for children to learn and develop their skills. This is achieved through well planned activities both indoor and outdoor, which are the basis for helping children enjoy learning.

Adult Classes

These classes are run for adults, as we believe education is for everyone. We arrange classes for adults in Arabic and Islamic Studies. These classes are attended by both men and women in a secure Islamic environment. Classes are taught to a recognised level and accredited by local colleges. Students are awarded certificates upon completion.

Urdu classes

These classes are run on the weekend to teach children to read and write Urdu, advanced pupils are encouraged to take Urdu as a GCSE. We believe it is important for children to learn their mother tongue as this will help them to understand their culture and learn about their heritage. These classes are taught by professional teachers who have a deep understanding of the language. Emphasis is not only given to reading and writing but speaking too.

Education Support

Sunday tutorial classes and revision classes for 5-16 year olds with professional and experienced teachers teaching children English, Maths, Science and Islamic Studies up to GCSE level as well as a personal development programme which runs throughout the year.

The aim of the tutorial classes is to help pupils to learn effectively, enhance pupil’s motivation, develop pupil’s confidence, raise pupil’s expectations, and develop pupil’s morality and spirituality.

tutorial classes

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