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Trust Building Forum Coordinator

Salary: £21,000 – £24,000 (pro-rata)
Hours: 15-20 hours per week (negotiable)
Start date: September 2018
Term: Six months (initially)

Aim of the Trust Building Forum
Promoting mutual trust, peace and reconciliation in British society through better understanding of each other and promoting friendship and harmony among British Muslims and the wider community.

The Post Holder will take ownership of the project to organize all aspects of the project activities in collaboration with the management committee. The candidate will be expected to meet the following project management milestones and administrative tasks.

Project milestones

  1. Build a network of TB Ambassadors, 20 of whom should be active i.e. fully trained/confident and can be deployed at short notice for TB sessions
  2. Make contact with statutory/voluntary and private sector organizations to deliver TB sessions at (6 sessions /month)
  3. Work with the Fundraising Officer to apply for funding for TBF
  4. Write and publish a quarterly Trust Building Forum newsletter which is to be sent to all ambassadors, stakeholders and uploaded onto the Karimia website
  5. Support the work for second Research Journal to determine Why Trust is being Developed
  6. Host a weekly TB radio programme with key partners/guests
  7. Develop and write a TB PowerPoint presentation for the Muslim community for Phase 2 of TBF: busting myths about British people and culture, encouraging British Muslims to value and be proud of being British.
  8. Organise Quarterly events to promote TBF
  9. Host an Annual TBF Conference to showcase the forum’s work

Administrative responsibilities

  • Update social media channels
  • Collect feedback via questionnaires from presentations
  • Circulate the project news and updates
  • Manage the received bookings from existing and new organisations
  • Deal with cancellations by the organisations
  • Replace the Ambassadors who have given late notice
  • Create and maintain comprehensive project documentation, plans and reports

To apply, please send a CV and covering letter to musharraf@karimia.com and robina@karimia.com by 15th August 2018.

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