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Football Coach

Role description

Position Title: Volunteer football coach for 7 to 12 year-olds.

Position Description

Volunteer football coach for children who attend the Karimia Institute who play in the Young Elizabethan Football League. The volunteer football coach is responsible for all aspects of directing the team’s practices and play in games and may supervise assistant coaches. Most of the players will have previous experience playing in this league, but others will be playing their first organized football game. The team will have about 13 players.

League games are played each Sunday generally 10:30 a.m. kick-off unless otherwise stated by the head coach.



• Must be of good character without a criminal record or criminal action pending.

• Must be willing to submit to a background investigation.

• Must be able to commit three hours to your team each week.

• Must attend mandatory coaches meeting and league meetings.


Activities and Responsibilities

1. Teach football skills through effectively planned practices.

2. Organize the players to participate in games and coach them during games.

3. Attend player and parents meeting when required.

4. Encourage parent involvement and coordinate their assistance.

5. Supervise the players before, during, and immediately after practices and games.

6. Provide a safe and enjoyable environment for all players, giving each child an equal opportunity to participate.

7. Follow the Karimia FC. policies and procedure such as parent and players code of conduct.

8. Communicate with head coach on all matters of policy.

9. Serve as a positive role model for the players, parents, officials, and fellow coaches by following all rules, demonstrating good sportsmanship, and coaching consistently with the Karimia F.C.

10. The volunteer might be asked to referee a game.

11. To help organise transport for away games

12. To help with the warm up and cool down of all young players before and after a practise/match

13. To do a Talawat at the start of a game.



  • The Karimia F.C. provide a liability insurance and the League also provides liability insurance for football coaches and players.
  • Coaches also have the opportunity to be of service to the community by providing guidance and leadership to our youth. The positive impact that coaches can have on the lives of young people is an intangible reward impossible to value.



As a volunteer football coach you have to give three months volunteering service for Karimia F.C. This is a probation period where the Head coach will observe you and after the probation period put you through the relevant training needs that fit your requirements. This training will be involved around the F.A. level 1 coaching badge, goal keeping coaching, referee certificate whether it’s mini-soccer or 11-a-side etc.

Please contact Pav at perwaise@karimia.com for more information.

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