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Youth Club Assistant

Role description

Post Title: Youth Club Assistant

Responsible to: Youth Club Manager

Location: Bobbersmill Community Centre

Hours: On average 2.5 – 5 hours per week


Position Description

Reporting to the Karimia Youth Club Manager, the Volunteer, at the Karimia Youth Club, shall be responsible for supervising youth activities, engaging with young people to further their development and ensuring the safety of young people.


Main Duties and Accountabilities

1.Supervising and putting on activities at the Youth Club

  • Supervise activities at the Karimia Youth Club.
  • Contribute to activity ideas that the young people can do.
  • Carry out risk assessments as required.
  • Ensure that the equipment is checked before taken out for young people to use, following health and safety procedures
  • Make sure that there is someone who can open and lock the building for you.
  • To stop all games when the call for prayer is called (Azaan) and young people are ready to pray
  • To  arrive 15 minutes before the youth club session is due to take place
  • To follow session plans as planned by the youth club manager which will include the Theme of the week, Giraffe Heroes Project and other projects such as Drugs, sexual Health etc.
  • To make sure all equipment is put away safely.

2.Building relationships

  • Engage with the young people.
  • Engage with parents, carers, other members of the community.

3.Furthering the development of young people

  • Work with young people to address any concerns or worries that they might have.
  • Play an active part in their development by being a role model to them.
  • Identify young people who would be willing to get involved in running the Karimia Youth Club at a later stage.

4.Contributing to the long-term vision of the Karimia Youth Club

  • Be an advocate for the Karimia Youth Club.
  • Help find more volunteers.
  • Help to develop the Karimia Youth Club.


  • Comply with policies and procedures.
  • Take part in a full induction programme before becoming a Volunteer.
  • Deal with issues in an appropriate and timely manner.
  • Meet the requirements of the Karimia Youth Club Child Protection Policy.
  • Undertake training in personal development as the needs of the post may require.
  • Carry out additional duties as shall from time to time be required as workload dictates.

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