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Zakah Fund

The Karimia Institute is engaged in teaching the inspiring message of Islam and preparing the future leadership of Muslims in Britain. Please support our work and send your Zakah to us. Giving Zakah purifies your wealth and refines your character.


Your Zakah will be used to:

  1. Support the New Muslims Project – Revert Support Programme
  2. Help us to educate, mentor and inspire young people
  3. Train future Imams and teachers

Click here to download a standing order form or click here to view the Zakah Fund leaflet.

Please read our article on “How can we make payment of Zakah more valuable today?”  for more details on Zakah.

5 Easy Ways To Pay Your Zakah:

Card Payments | Call our donation line on: 0115 8415806

Standing Orders | Please click here to download a standing order form

Online Payments | https://www.justgiving.com/Karimia-Zakat-Fund

Direct Payment | Lloyds TSB, Account: Karimia Institute, Account Number: 03576904, Sort Code: 30-96-18 (always give ref: Zakah)

Cheque/Postal Order | Please make all cheques and POs payable to: Karimia Institute. Post to: 512-514 Berridge Road West, Nottingham, NG7 5JU

The Zakah money raised during the previous year was spent on:

  1.  New Muslims Project – We have established and developed a weekly female-only network support program, and a mixed-gender monthly revert network program, in which participants are taught the basic teachings of Islam with a Q&A session.
  2. Educating and inspiring young people – We produced, designed and published the ‘Lets Learn Tajweed’ book. This is being taught in Quran Schools around the UK.
  3. Training future Imams and Quran School teachers – We have provided training on our Quran School curriculum to Imams and teachers in Nottingham, Coventry, Walsall, High Wycombe, Stoke on Trent, Birmingham and London.
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