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The Karimia Institute is engaged in Dawah, preaching and teaching of Islam, preparing the future leadership of Muslims in Britain, and spreading the Beautiful Message of Islam to Muslims and Non-Muslims. We would like you to support our work and send your Zakat to Karimia Institute. Click here to download a standing order form or see our Zakat leaflet.



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The messenger said, “Zakat is a proof”; proof of one’s faith in Allah, in the messenger and the hereafter. The hadith literature vividly describes the virtues of Zakat. It extols its benefits and motivates people to carry out this duty. Here are few beautiful gems from the messenger:

• Abdullah ibn Umar said, “Islam is built on five pillars! Bearing witness that there is no god but Allah, establishing regular worship, paying Zakat, pilgrimage and fasting in Ramadan” (agreed upon).

• Abu Ayyub Al-Ansari said “A man asked the messenger “tell me a deed that will take me into paradise” he said “worship god alone without associating anyone with him, established the prayer and pay Zakat and be always kind to relatives” (agreed upon)

• Abu Huraira said the messenger said “the wealthy man who had gold and silver and does not pay Zakat, these precious metals will be heated in the fire of the hell and put on his side, back and face when they get cold they well be reheated and put on again. He then mentioned livestock and how that will hurt its owner if he had not paid Zakat on it (agreed upon)

Is Zakat compulsory on me?

Yes if you are free from debts and have wealth that is more than the Zakat-payable amount (Nisib), and have been in possession of the Nisab for full lunar Year. Zakat can be paid in advance, i.e. for two years , the last year and the next.

What is the Nisab?

The Nisab is 85 grams of gold, the current value of this is £3,000 (May. 2013), what this means is that when you have 85 g of gold or more or an equivalent amount of money, £3,000 Zakat becomes compulsory on you, hence you will pay 2.5% of this amount.

There is no Zakat on platinum, diamonds, pearls and precious stones. However, if they are for business, then in that case, they must be valued and Zakat must be paid, at the rate of 2.5%. However, Zakat is due on all gold or silver jewelry that is for personal use and adornment.

Zakat on shares

If you buy and sell shares to make profit that is capital gain, then zakah will have to be paid on the market value of the shares. If shares are bought with the intention of receiving dividend then zakah is payable both on market value of shares and the dividend.

Zakat on properties

Property bought for the purpose of renting out but not for reselling, zakah is only due on the annual income from the rent minus all the overheads. However, if the property is bought with the intention of reselling at a profit then zakah would be payable on the value of the property.

Who can take Zakat?

Allah the almighty said “Zakat is only for the poor, the needy, those who administer it, those whose hearts need winning over, to free slaves and help those in debts, for God’s cause, and travellers in need. This is ordained by God; God is all knowing and wise (repentance: 60).

How to pay Zakat?

Zakat can be paid to all the eight categories, or to anyone of them, however it is best to give an amount that will help recipient to meet their needs and to take them out of their poverty. It is not permissible to pay Zakat to a non Muslim, wealthy person who has Nisab, a wealthy child, and members of the Bani Hashim (family of the blessed messenger (PBUH) nor is it correct to pay Zakat to one’s parent or children or wife. Zakat can be paid to all other relatives, in fact it is more virtuous to pay them than other people. The closer the relatives the more deserving they become then ones neighbours and then people from the locality and then the city. Some scholars have said “a person’s Zakat is not accepted if his relatives and near ones are needy”.

Manners of Paying Zakat

Imam Ghazzali gives the following advice:

•Pay the Zakat quietly in secret; don’t make a show of it. The messenger (PBUH) praised such people when he said “God will give shade under his throne to seven groups of people, one of them will be the people who gave charity so secretly that the left hand did not know what the right hand has given.”

•It is better to give Zakat openly when it is going to motivate and spur others to give as well. All said “Give what we have given you openly and secretly.”


Check out our brief guide to Zakat: Zakaat Online leaflet (002)

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